Church Telecom has different values 

  • We are a faith based organisation and understands Church operations, ethos and structure
  • We strongly encourage and promote Christian values in all our business and would not knowingly deal with or appoint unethical suppliers

Church Telecom Values

Church Telecom takes a different approach to business

  • We bring value and integrity to business – we are not influenced by either normal market pressures, shareholders or directors motivated by normal business criteria alone
  • Our rates are well established and experience to date strongly suggests they will bring immediate savings
  • We invest any profit generated in Church communication infrastructure into projects for the benefit of all Christian Churches like Church Services TV and also which provides news every day, daily prayers, mass times and a lot more - all sponsored by our company. 

Integrity in Business

Church Telecom takes a different approach with its customers

  • Church Telecom offers a single source and single bill for Landline and Broadband saving time and expense. These can be supplied electronically or manually and broken down as required for individual sections of the Church
  • Church Telecom pricing structure is transparent and in plain English