Cheaper Calls

Stop wasting your money on calls you never use, just because they are part of your ‘bundle’.

Phone and Internet Savings

Church Telecom only ever charge you for the calls you actually make - what you see is what you get. This gives you greater control over the cost of your calls and money won’t be wasted by signing up for a ‘bundle’ you may not fully use.

We also offer excellent rates on international calls are extremely competitive 7.5p per minute to both UK and Irish mobiles - 40% cheaper than BT.

We also offer excellent rates on international calls and our rates for mobile calls are extremely competitive when compared to other providers. - Use this for ROI version as rates more varied and not confirmed

No set up charge

At Church Telecom, we don’t charge you to ‘set up’ your calls - our competitors charge up to 15p per call, in addition to the cost of the call itself.  If you’re with BT for example, this could mean you’re paying 25p per minute for a call to a UK landline (9.58p per minute call rate and 15.97p for call set up).  The equivalent call with Church Telecom would cost you 1p per minute.


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Cheaper Line Rental

Line rental with Church Telecom costs just £10.90 (ex VAT) per month - over 30% cheaper than BT who will be charging £16.99 (ex VAT) from Dec.  We also compare favourably to other major suppliers such as Plusnet (£15.99 ex VAT per month) and Talk Talk (£13.95 ex VAT) to mention a few.