High Definition Church Online Live Streaming

Smarter technology, sharper images

With recent changes in technology and the internet, the world is looking smarter, sharper, and is more connected and accessible than ever before, so why rely on dull images from old analogue CCTV cameras to beam services to your community?

Church Services.tv (CSTV) has been using high definition technology since 2005 to stream services over the internet and help parishes and other religious organisations expand their reach across the globe well beyond what was traditionally possible.

Many of our competitors use cheap analogue cameras, which can facilitate a live stream but of such poor quality, that those watching must find it difficult to enjoy. Future technological advances will soon render analogue cameras obsolete, necessitating the need for future upgrades - effectively making you pay twice for the same service.

High Definition Video Streaming


How is CSTV different?

CSTV uses high-spec digital cameras to produce excellent picture quality at a price that’s a cost effective way to reach each person, thus future proofing the investment made by a parish in live streaming.

As a non-commercial, mission based organisation, the money we make is reinvested in upgrading and improving the service and streaming experience for our customers and viewers alike.

See: http://www.churchservices.tv  

Church Services TV


HD Live streaming Church Services